Full screen background image?

Hi group, I’m new to RW finally produced my first website. thanks to your help and Nick Cates for his stacks and theme.

I’m trying to get a site for my photobooth business, I want to have a black background with an image of a spotlight I have which also has a black background.

I am trying to use Iris from Nick Cates (sent an email) but so far I’ve tried about 4 other themes and all say adding a banner is not available on this theme. NC support says to add a background to the banner box in general so I’m a little confused.

Hope someone can help, seems pretty easy but not for me.

Bit confused as to what you are trying to achieve. A banner is generally regarded as a large image at the top of the page whereas a full page background is literally that - there all the time with your content scrolling over it. You seem to use the two interchangeably.

With the IRIS theme, if you have a background image it will largely be obscured by the page content which is a solid colour - see for example the ‘options’ page for the IRIS demo. Hence a background image for this type of theme will need to be abstract rather than a definite image.

If you want the page background to be an image with your text / photos etc sitting on top you will need a theme that supports such an approach. Henk Vrieselaar made several such themes and although now ‘retired’ from RW, his work is continued by https://www.themeflood.com - you can see some inexpensive examples there including Blow up, Fluid and Foton - all of which I think have a semi transparent content area. XXL2 also supports this approach.

You need to ensure that the page is responsive in a way that maintains all of the image on all screen sizes. Some are better for abstract images due to the way they respond.

Hope this helps, do follow up if still unsure.

I understand what you’re saying about the banner but the iris support site said I can add a background image via the banner in general settings, however as I noted RW 7.5 says none of my themes (I tried about 8) and all said I cannot add a banner image.

Per Nick’s support for iris page:
Custom Background
If you have RapidWeaver 7, go Settings > General, and drop your image into the Banner input box, done.

Both responses have me very confused, and while I like NC stuff, the support is a tad slow on replies.

Have you tried using the RW 6 instructions for adding a custom background image, rather than the instructions for RW 7?

I appreciate that you are using RW 7, but the instructions for RW 6 work fine for me in spite of the fact that I am also using RW 7.

I happen to use the Nick Cates ‘Open’ theme on my site, and it also shows the same message “The theme you have selected does not support banner images” in RW 7. However, I simply use the method for displaying images that is normally used for RW 6 and it still works fine.

Please note that I warehouse the images on my server, rather than dragging them into the resources panel in RW.

Thanks Matthew, that worked!

Its kind of annoying that the support if very slow from NC though, maybe I"m asking too much. Every company making the customers answer the questions that they know what to do.

In my case ended up buying another theme from davidmichael, which I’m digging a lot of his designs…

You’re Welcome.

By the way, I also use the ‘Codex’ theme by Michael David Design on my site, which is excellent, and it is worth pointing out that you can have multiple themes on the same site concurrently (but not on the same page obviously).

This bit on information was lost on me for my first few years of using RW, and I thought that I had to choose “The One Theme to Rule Them All” that would do everything I wanted for every page. However, once I discovered that I can actually have Nick Cate’s ‘Open’ theme for most of the standard pages, but also use Michael David’s ‘Codex’ theme for the flashier pages that needed something a bit special, I was liberated. Indeed, I use three themes across my site now.

Where do I find the RW6 instructions? Does it result in a full page background image that is responsive?

Have a look at these. I am not sure if they fulfill your requirements though…

Eclipse: https://preview.joeworkman.net/eclipse/images/
Impact: https://preview.joeworkman.net/impact/

These stacks do not require a stack based theme (like my Foundation stacks). However, it maybe hit or miss in finding a normal theme that they will working great with.

I was hoping I could use Jack to do it, but no luck.

What I’m unclear on, is, can I place a stack over Eclipse or Impact? I have your Moving Box, and NCD’s Superflex. I want a simple responsive page with site title, menu, a background image and slide show that links the images deeper into the website.

If you want to use Jack, add the following into the Custom Styles setting… height:100vh;

Impact can have stack content added into it. Eclipse simply inserts it into the website background. It basically makes a fixed background for your webpage.

Jack seems to be confined to the content area, rather than the full page. (??)

This has nothing to do with the stack and everything to do with the theme. The theme adds margins and padding to the content area. Going to need to contact the theme developer and ask for their help.

I added the snippet in the CSS area of the page, but it did not force Jack to create a full page background image…?

Yeah. The theme is constraining Jack to be inside that small content area. With that sort of theme, Eclipse may work best. I dont know what theme that is, maybe we can test Eclipse for you if we have it.

Iris from Nick Cates Design

Alternatively, what stock themes “set Jack free” ie allow Jack to set the full page background image. I ran through several, including “Simple” and “Simple Business” but all confined Jack to the content area.

@blackcoffeenow, Joe meant for you to paste that CSS code into the Custom Styles box In the stack’s settings, and not the page’s CSS area.

I’m afraid Jack is still trapped in the Content area, but bigger this time.

Here it is online

Jack will always be confined within a theme’s content area. I or @zeebe will try to test Eclipse with the Iris theme for you tomorrow.


Are you aware that the Iris manual provides clear instructions for how to implement a full screen background using both RW6 and RW7 without the need for any third party stacks?

Unless there is something about your requirement that I’m missing then that should work (I tested it myself just now).