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I have asked this question before, but does anyone know of any software either standalone or preferably RW specific plugin that will provide detailed website testing and provide easy to follow fix to try to improve my Google score. Also do sites need a certificate to aid SEO.

Any ideas are VERY eagerly welcomed.

First, Rapidweaver has a built-in Health Check - have you used that?

Second, Chillidog has SEO-Rx which is also a useful tool for evaluating how your pages are performing.

Third, I use SEO Checker occasionally to check my sites.

Finally, if you’re referring to an SSL certificate, then ‘yes’. Over time sites that aren’t https will start to slip down organic search results.

Hope this helps.


SSL is a must now for both SEO and the visitors of your site. Search engines have been penalizing SERP(search engine results page) ranking for HTTP pages for some time now, and Chrome(most used browser) now warns users your site is Not Secure if it’s not HTTPS.

The built in health check would be a great start to checking for easy fixes to a lot of common errors. There’s other checkers available but keep in mind all only look at what’s called Technical SEO. That can have some impact on your ranking but nothing compared to what well structured high quality content will do. Use proper headings <h1> - <h6> and strong lead paragraphs.
Images might be pleasing to your users but search engines don’t “look” at them so make sure they have good descriptive alternative text.

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and totally ignore any email you may get from someone who tells you how awful your seo is and explains how they can improve things for you…

You can also check out Google Web Master tools…

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