SEO Health Check?

How does this work in RW? Is there anything in RW that makes suggestions to improve SEO?

…is a possibility…they have a limited time offer now. $2.99 instead of $7.99

Have a look at Chillidog’s SEO-Rex stack:

You drop it on your page and preview the page, it’ll then list all the stuff it can find such as missing image alt tags etc.
Once you’ve fixed what you feel necessary you simply remove the stack from the page.

Adding SEO info is essentially a manual process though Foundation does have an SEO stack that makes entering stuff like geo location, Facebook, Twitter info etc much much easier.

The screenshot implies that RW will do this. So what is it that RW does? I run Health Check, but it doesn’t really do much as far as improvements to SEO other than suggest fixes that might help, and maybe that is all it does.

Neither the built in health check or SEO-Rex ‘improve‘ SEO, they will only flag errors in your proj that may degrade SEO. It’s down to you to do any improvements you feel are lacking.
The Foundation SEO stack does improve your SEO by creating properly formatted twitter cards etc.

Thanks for the info.

The SEO it’s checking is what some call “technical SEO”, it’s just checking for missing stuff that can help you get a better ranking.

The best way to improve your SERP ranking is great well organized content(text).

My next big release will be SEO Helper 2.0 (probably April). I have completely revamped the stack set and releasing it as a stand alone product now. No longer requiring Foundation.


Great! Sigh - one more stack to buy :slight_smile:

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I found this in the RW Help. Dan says put the code in the body. Hum?

Me too :slightly_smiling_face:

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