Dead cert way to NOT show on Google etc

I want to publish my test site to my test domain,

Some images are NOT purchased yet so I want to make absolutely sure this is not findable.

If you make sure the follow/index boxes are unchecked and that should do it.

A watermark on the images could help too if you were worried about the link being sent around.

if you want 100% assurance, add a pagesafe stack (joe workman) that will keep even the nasty crawlers away

Worth noting that not all search engines follow the rules you set for indexing / robots. The settings you have in RapidWeaver will effect some search engines, but definitely not all.

The best method is to password-protect the test site. Most hosting companies give you the option (in your control panel) to quickly password particular directories. No need to buy extra addons to get the job done.

Here are some good instructions for passwording a directory if your host uses CPanel (most do):


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