Site layout skewed in Safari

I’m building a 1 page site with Joe Workman’s ‘Screens’. The client wants to be able to edit just the ‘events’ page so I added Go-CMS as an easy way to allow this. (added Note; with hindsite I am sure there is no issue with Go CMS on a Screens page)

Everything works fine in Chrome, Vivaldi, Opera and Firefox but in Safari, the site is a complete mess with the home page missing and navigation always ‘snap scrolls’ to a point between 2 pages. I have cleared Safari history and restarted but no change.

Site is: - anyone shed any light?

I’m not seeing this in Safari (Mac) Version 12.1 (14607.

Thanks Doug - that’s potentially good news. How many times might I have to ‘clear history’ before it rights itself here I wonder? I’ve done this 4 times, cleared all files via ftp and republished from scratch but it is still a complete mess in Safari! I’ll try a flush dns and see if that works. It does however look fine in preview and previewing page in Safari

Here’s how it looks - with Home banner missing and the Go-CMS Events section at top of page when it should be 3 pages down!

Just to check - are you seeing as per screengrab below (which is as it should be) because it is still, despite everything, all wrong here!

Yeas exactly that:

I see it as it should be on Safari. Have you cleared the cache? Clearing history alone might not be helpful.

Yes - I have emptied caches from the developer menu and cleared all history, flushed Mac DNS and even changed DNS settings in Network preferences and tried a different router - it just shows wrong every time. The home page flashes up but is quickly replaced with the page below. As I click through the nav buttons random pages appear - at one point ending up with 5 empty pages! Completely weird!

I’m also seeing a lot of overlapping content in iOS both Safari and Chrome

Just removed the Go-CMS base and Content stacks, republished, and all is fine. Really don’t understand how you guys can see it no problem but here it’s such a mess!

Looks fine for me.

Looks fine for me as well. I am not sure what “Screens” does, but it appears to be effecting the Go CMS edit mode to this page?

Looked fine for me before you removed anything.
Do you have any browser extensions going on Safari like add blockers?

When you first posted I navigated all over and didn’t see anything that looked like you described.

Don’t think I have anything unusual set in Safari but will take a look - maybe some experimental options in Developer menu?

I have removed the go CMS section now - might try with easy cms instead.

I have another odd and maybe related Safari thing going on - also with a go-cms site, being built - where clicking on a nav link takes you some way down the selected page instead of to the top - almost as if there was an anchor link in there (which there isn’t). I’ve just taken the site down and am republishing from scratch. Will post a link if it continues. Suspect there is something going on with Safari on my Mac - no issues in any other browsers.

As ever, thanks for the assistance - much appreciated

As mentioned above I have this other part built Go CMS site which is also having display issues in Safari:

Here, when I navigate to a page it doesn’t sit at the top of the page. Initially it does but then immediately jumps down a paragraph or two and stays there. Again, all is well in 4 other browsers.

How does it look in Safari to you?


On my iPad right now(Safari) but I don’t see any “jumping” going on from page to page.
Didn’t check all the pages but looks fine on the few I checked.

Fine on my iPad also - just happens in Safari - I’m using 12.1 on oS 10.13.6

I’m using Safari 12.0.3 on OS 10.14.3. Everything seems to work fine.

Thanks for checking - I really don’t get this. Safari is certainly not generally playing up, but I have two GoCMS sites being built and both are presenting strangely in Safari on my Macbook Pro but nobody else. Just borrowed my wife’s Macbook Air and both sites are fine! Also fine on other mac browsers. Perhaps I should re-install OSX to banish the gremlin?

Might be a good time to upgrade to Mojave. (If you’re planning to upgrade)

I am indeed but have a lot of Filemaker Pro 14 stuff to migrate elsewhere first. Refuse to pay full whack for Filemaker any more when there are good on-llne options out there and their support for previous versions is so poor.

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