Machform Page going crazy *Resolved*

Anyone available who could look at Gift Vouchers | The Lodge Tree House in Safari and let me know if the page views OK. I have one Mac which is showing fine but another where the page is going crazy, flashing on and off and failing to load properly.

Can’t replicate on any other browser - may well be a corrupt Safari install on my mac. The problem occurs on Safari 13.0.4 on S 10.13.6 (high sierra). Page is using Foundation with Nick Cates ‘Depth’ Section and Machform import.


I see the page just fine. OS 10.14.6 and Safari 13.0.3

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Fine in Safari at this end. Looks like a redirect loop bug in your Safari cache. Try clearing your cache / history to reset Safari.

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I have done this and no change. I have had some other issues with Safari in recent months - mainly around pages with go-cms not loading at the top of the page. Again, in newer versions of Safari and other browsers not a problem. I re-installed the entire OS and problems went a way for a few days only to return. Mystery! I should add the page has been fine for at least 6 months - just occurred today for the first time. Also, all my other Machform pages on other sites are fine

The issue you described is also happening at my end on Safari.

The issue didn’t appear at first, but on scrolling down the page it started.

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Happening for me, too. Have you tried one of the other types of MachForm code that’s offered? I’d start there.

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OK on my iMac (21.5" Late 2015), OS 10.15.1 and Safari 13.0.3.

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Yes I’ll try that. What’s weird however is that all my other machforms are fine - I have about 10 altogether. hence I’m wondering if there is some conflict with Depth on the page

Just noticed that it happens on my MBP 15" but NOT on my 27" iMac using the same OS and Safari version.

OK - I used the 2nd Machform option of Javascript JQuery code (recommended for compatibility with IE version 9 & 10) and this seems to have fixed the problem!

How did you embed the form using this option? I usually use the HTML code for forms but have seen this option but was not sure what to paste where!

I just paste into an HTML stack

Ok. That’s what I thought. Thanks.

I do likewise - I paste the code into an HTML stack. I have somewhere around 80 installations of MachForm (all self hosted), and I’ve never seen this issue before.

I update the forms to the latest version whenever I work on a particular site - so many are up to version 13, but most are still at 10-12.

If embedding, I always use the Javascript Code first - but every now and then, it doesn’t work quite right. I then default to Javascript IQuery Code, which normally fixes the issue. But, that’s probably happened only two or three times (and never when using Foundation, which is my go-to theme).

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