Site Title will not link to home page

I am using RW 7.5.5. with Foundation Stacks. When I published my site I noticed that the top bar that contains the Site Title does not link back to the home page. So, when I am on a subpage and click on the site title it returns, Safari can’t ope the page because the page’s address isn’t valid.

When I look at the Page Inspector under General Settings I see that the Folder block is greyed out and the greyed out title is “my-page”. So, I looked at the files that make up my web page and there is no “my-page” to be seen. I am guessing this might be the problem. Can someone give me some ideas on how to trouble shoot this further?



If I remember the link address for top-bar for title and logo area is what is in the “Web Address” field under General settings.

A URL is always helpful.

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oops…web address is



Looks like spaces in front of webaddress in RW


Thank you for the help. That did the trick.

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