My web site does not open on Home

How to I get my web site to open on the Home page instead of other pages?

It may depend on a number of things. It could be how you set your rapidweaver project up and how you name files and folders.

It would be helpful to have a URL and possibly a screenshot of your project’s page listings. Also, there are some suggestions in this thread here: Home page comes up empty, maybe problem with RW inspector?

Thank you. I right clicked the Home Page and the Set as Home page was already clicked. I have attached the screen shot.


Did you have a look at the other potential issues? In the forum thread that I linked to, the user had some naming issues which ended up being the issue. Can you provide a URL to your site?


First, do you have the Home Page set to show in navigation? (see screenshot) I don’t see it anywhere in your menu

On a sort-of-related note, you may want to consider the naming conventions of your pages and give everything (except the home page)

  • a unique folder name
  • a filename of index.html or index.php

This would help organize the pages for your visitors and organize the files for you on your server. So, as an example, your Support of Science page is currently: Additional Projects | The Comings Foundation

If you gave it a folder name of support-of-science and a filename of index.html, your website url would become


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