Site wide Search?

(Ron Masi) #1

I noticed on the Tidbits website that Realmac has released RapidWeaver 7.3 with the addition of a site-wide search feature and added support for theme updates.
I’m not aware of the “site wide search feature” but would love to. How/where do I find out more?

(Greg) #2

The site wide search is under Edit Menu/Find/Find in Project. It searches your project code for whatever text string provide. Just in case - it does not provide the ability to add searches to a deployed site.

I’m happy they put it in as it was one of things on my wish list when they asked for input.


(Ron Masi) #3

Sorry for the delay in replying. So, if I understand correctly, I can search the site I’m creating but someone visiting at the site cannot? Is there something (easy and cheap) that allows visitors to search?

(Doug Bennett) #4

There are quite a few stacks that offer different site search.

RapidSearch and RapidSearch Pro

The above are maintained by Will Woodgate and work with the helper:

Joe Workman offers duck duck search stack:

There are probably others out there as well. Each one has different cost and features.

(Greg) #5

Another option is 1LD’s “Livesearch” which is what I use on a couple of sites.