SEARCH ability for website AND Blog pages

I am researching building a site.

I need to make the site searchable, so intend to use Rapid Search Pro.

However the blog needs to be searchable too. I had considered using GO CMS but it does not appear to be searchable, and as I understand it it wont be included in the Rapid Search Pro Search.

Can anyone recomend a solution? Idealy Id like a blog that will work with Rapid Search Pro.
If thats impossible, I could try a blog with search built in but I cant seem to find any blog platforms that include a search bar

There are several products you can use to search a RW site - and if you were to build the blog using something like the Poster stack, these would search the blog as well.


Thanks Rob

I have Poster Stack. But this is for a client. They would need to be able to login and update the blog themselves.
I always find these CMS things a bit of a minefield!

With regard to Rapid Search Pro. Will W gave me this info:
I need to figure out a way the client can blog. But the content show up in a search bar

RapidSearch Pro can only index pages that are listed in your sitemap.xml file. This file is normally generated by RW and added at the root of your website. It serves the purpose of listing all the pages for search engines to navigate to and index. So if these blog pages are not included in the sitemap, there would be no method for RapidSearch Pro to see them.

RapidSearch Pro does allow you to manually generate a sitemap and the SimpleSearch stack does something similar too. But ideally you would want to have unique links (permalinks) for each of the blog entries. Otherwise it probably will not work too well to have search results point to a single blog page of multiple articles (hard for people to see what they searched for).

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