Sitelok 5 - seamless update and improved UI

(Jürgen Schulze) #1

Quick note that I’ve installed sitelok 5 yesterday.
Update-process was absolutely seamless. Way improved visuals/UI and, best of all, with the introduction of RW 7.1x, preview works like a charme.
Thanks to @dan for listening and implementing and thanks to Adrian at @vibralogix for a super piece of software that makes RW even more valuable.

(Adrian Jones) #2

Thanks for the feedback. Glad the update went smoothly and that you like V5. I would also like to say a big thanks to @dan and the team for updating Rapidweaver to help with issues that users had with Sitelok.


(Peter Danckwerts) #3

I upgraded to SiteLok 5 and, as you say, the process is completely seamless. I can’t think of any piece of web-based software which is as easy to install.

(Joe Workman) #4

I have been working with @vibralogix on creation a set of Sitelok stacks for RW. I am using them to lock down the Weavers Space Conference Live stream next week.

(Jürgen Schulze) #5

And this is available when? :blush: :gift:

(Mark Harradine) #6

Oooooohhhhh… :stuck_out_tongue:

(Mathew Mitchell) #7

Adrian at Vibralogix (@vibralogix)does such a great job with Sitelok. I always have a smile on my face when using Sitelok 5 now. Such a valuable piece of software for me since I develop course websites.

(Adrian Jones) #8

I had a sneeky preview of the Sitelok stack from @joeworkman and its looking great. Glad its not a secret anymore :grinning: Thanks for all your support.

(Brett Venson) #9

Any timeframe when you will make them available to the public or is this just a tease:grin:

(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #10

I do not know when he will release them, but it will not be until after the Weaver’s Space Online Conference.

(Dave) #11

I’ve mentioned it in other threads, but it bears mentioning again…

In addition to a spectacular piece of software that’s a snap to install and configure, Adrian offers a superb customer experience, should you need any assistance. In my experience, he answers questions very, very quickly, and goes out of his way to ensure that customers are happy with his product.

I’m very much looking forward to what Joe has to offer to complement Sitelok - he, too, goes above and beyond for his customers.

(Nicko) #12

I too would also like to mention that Adrian from Vibralogix has been incredibly helpful showing and helping me implement awesome sitelok features. Simple awesome! Love the product and the service provided - above and beyond! Thanks

(Mathew Mitchell) #14

I understand what you are saying “in theory” but in practice it would seem one of the reasonable things to do right away is to change your password. Easily doable.

(Adrian Jones) #16

Hi Jurgen,

Thanks for reminding me to check that. It was never an issue in the past as I only allowed passwords created by us (not user defined passwords). I forgot to update the email tmeplates when I added the option to change passwords. Thats updated now.

Kind regards
Adrian Jones

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