Sitelok form across two columns with CSS - Any experts able to weigh in?

Any CSS whizzes fancy helping me whip a Sitelok form into better shape? Sitelok offers a wide range of excellent tools but I wouldn’t mind making their forms fit a little neater into a site I’m running. Specifically regarding the layout. The style I can manage.

I’m looking to learn but happy to pay someone for their time here.

Sitelok gives me an HTML form that I paste into the body and a lot of CSS to style it, but it’s currently beyond my skills to apply the necessary changes that will let me split sections of the form across two columns and I’d be grateful for the help.

Many thanks

@tj87 This may not help you completely but you can do a fair amount of styling using at your Sitelok site itself: both the login form and others you may have created. May not get you 100% of the look you want, but probably at least 80 to 90%.

As for 2 columns: I’ve never had a need or desire to do this. @dave might be able to help as he has used SiteLok for a lot of different sites. And, of course, the main man @vibralogix (i.e. Adrian) might also have useful tips.

I know a bit of CSS and would be happy to help.

Without a URL to a test page, or the actual HTML and CSS you are using I can’t help.

I’d also need more specific’s of what you want to do.

Thanks Matthew. Yep. I’m 80% there already but I’d like to get 95% at least, and for that I’ll need some extra help.

I’ve hit up Adrian@vibralogix directly as he was helping me with this particular project just before Christmas but @dave, I’d welcome your help.

@teefers Sure, I’ll post some details tomorrow.

Hey Tom - styling into two or more columns is above my grade scale, and I’ve never had the need to do so. But, I’m certain Adrian can heip out. In the past, he’s worked absolute miracles for me. And, at a price that was unbelievably affordable (under $100 US, if I remember correctly). I’m fairly certain he’ll remember the client of whom I speak (they were not easy to work with)- yet Adrian never complained, nor charged me more. As a way of thanks, I always ordered add-on licenses each year rather that reusing the existing ones (the client still uses me for redesigning their site each fall…but they now deploy a turnkey system that is designed expressly for situations like theirs). I would certainly start with Adrian by clearly letting him know what you envision and asking him how much he’d charge for designing it. I can’t recommend him highly enough - working with him is a pure joy.

On the other hand, I would LOVE to have this capability. While I’ve never required it - many of my Sitelok forms are quite long, and if they could be broken into two or three columns, the forms would look so much better, Maybe this is an option @vibralogix could consider for a future upgrade. :wink:

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