Sitelok install help

Hey there. I’m not sure where else to turn. I am in need of some help with Sitelok, not JW’s stack but the Sitelok itself. Having trouble with the First admin configuration after the initial install.

I have tried the publisher of SL. But haven’t had any response. I’m coming up on my deadline.

I haven’t received any support messages from you as far as I can see. Can you contact me via and let me know the Sitelok admin login and also the issue you are seeing.


Absolutely. I am trying one more thing and I will.

Filled out the form and sent.

Hi Casey. Thanks for that. I got your email and replied just now. Let me know if you don’t receive it for some reason.

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I sent logon info for my ftp

That is awesome. Thank you so much Adrian. I have been pulling my hair out. What was the issue?

Adrian’s support is off-the-charts great. One of the most patient people I’ve ever worked with - I can’t say enough good things about him…or Sitelok. :slight_smile:


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