Sitelok: how to pass username ($slusername) in link query?

Hi evreybody,

i’m using sitelok with @joeworkman sitelock stack and it’s working great.

But now i’m stuck with a (simple?) request by customer.

I need to pass the username in a xml query and thought that a foundation button with$slusername&othervariable=SOMETHING&action=1 would do the job, but it doesn’t work.

I’m able to show the username with php echo as per sitelok manual, but that’s all.

I’m not a php expert at all, so please be kind. ^_^’

Thanks in advance.

If I remember correctly, you have to use a different syntax for query parameters:!!!username!!!&othervariable=SOMETHING&action=1

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Thanks for your interest!
That’s doesn’t work, sadly.

The Sitelok manual report username macro as $slusername and $slusername_html to display the data.

Ok i found the answer…

user=<?php echo $slusername_html; ?>
I had already tried it, but sintax error or cache maybe occurred… >_<

Yeah, just remembered that the !!! is used for mail templates, you need to call the macro inside a php call.
(I tend to forget the ; at the end :slight_smile: )

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