From Form to Sql db based on logged user

Hi everyone,

I need to provide a couple of forms to registered users to send data to sql dbs.

What i want:

Once registered and logged in, in the profile page the user gain access to a form where he can insert restaurants he manage (restaurant name, address, tel number and so on).
He could have one or more restaurant.

Then with another form he can choose the restaurant (by a select input) and insert events (date, time and other infos) and send data to a sql db. Fields like address and tel number will be auto populated based on the chosen restaurant.

The user can see all the events he creates and not events created by others.

I’m quite comfortable with Sitelok for user management, but afaik the forms provided doesn’t cover all the features i need (date limits etc.)

I was thinking about FormSnap (to send data to db) + Datably (to show data relative to logged user).

Now, before i buy the aforementioned stacks, i’d like to know if:

  • There’s a way to achieve this with @vibralogix Sitelok + @yabdab FormSnap + @jay Datably?

  • Can FormSnap select input take data from a db column based on $slusername_html (Sitelok macro)?

  • Can the $slusername_html Sitelok macro be used in the filter view of Datably (?filter=username,eq,$slusername_html) so the user will see only data that belongs to him?

I think that I can structure the db tables this way, so I can use the Sitelok username as a “concatenation” value:

Restaurants DB

| Name of the restaurant | Address | Phone | $_slusername_html |

Events DB

| Name of restaurant | Date | Time | Other infos | $_slusername_html |

Does this make sense?
I don’t know if there’s a better way to achieve this kind of stuff, but i’m open to any solution that could fit my needs.

Thanks in advance and sorry for my English.