Sitelok installed - what to do next?

(Philip Lock) #1

Installing Sitelok was easy, now for the hard part.
I plan to set up Sitelok so that new registrations have to be approved, except for around 300 existing customers who will be “pre-approved” and in effect already registered in Sitelok.
I had thought about pre-registering these existing customers and sending them a password which they could change.
I would really appreciate hearing from Sitelok users as to the best way to do this.

(Peter Danckwerts) #2

I don’t think that’s a problem. You can import an existing database file into the SiteLok database as long as you examine the SiteLok DB and make sure your data matches the fields used by SiteLok. I did this for about 200 members of a society. You can then use SiteLok to send them the password – the SiteLok mail program allows you to enter variables, as you would expect. You will also have to create a User Profile Page to allow users to change their passwords – see Chapter 8 of the manual.

(Dave) #3

And, if you run into issues, know that Adrian ( @vibralogix ) is very responsive to questions. His customer support is second to none. I recommend pinging him here so that other can learn from his response, but (at least in my history of working with him), he’s very open to helping one-on-one, too. On a scale of 1-5, he rates a six (at least!).

(Philip Lock) #4

Thanks for the feedback.
Very helpful