Sitelok stacks make membership sites easy!

(Pip) #21

Watched both of the videos I linked to above and it ALL makes perfect sense now.

You definitely need to have a link to these from the product page Rob, and the FAQ page, and I’d mention them in the post purchase email too.

It seems a shame to hide them away when they are so well done, and are pretty much guaranteed to save the purchaser lots of time, especially considering that the ‘Online Manual’ doesn’t really explain anything - and certainly nowhere near as eloquently as these videos.

(Peter Rood) #22

Ok, I have my SiteLok license, Installed the SiteLok on the server, Setup Admins, I can Re-direct to a Group landing page. In a perfect world I would like to have one RW login page. Then, if anyone tries to access any member page without being logged in they would get re-directed to the one default login page (just like old school PHP login pages). Right now all I get is the default SiteLok login on a white screen. I would like to have a much nicer display.

Is it possibile to set a default login page that you have defined in RW?

(Peter Rood) #23

Nobody has an ideas on how to have one central login page for SiteLok sites?

(Doug Bennett) #24

Might want to ask sitelok, they have great support.


(Mathew Mitchell) #25

Has anyone used Sitelok stacks with Blab? I’d like to get that setup but really there are not instructions for this and all I get is blank space when I publish the Blab stacks. (Yes, I have the Blab plugin already installed.) I would like to set up a simple messaging service for groups, but it’s not clear to me how these stacks facilitate that.

(Steve Reel) #26

to make a RW login page.

Under tools>configuration>pages and templates>no access page URL.
see page 141 of the manual.

enter the full URL (ex. http://domain/page.html) . Build the page in RW and embed a sitelok login form.

(gary pullings) #27

Hello @joeworkman and the others.

I am working on making a Union web site. and am wanting to create a membership only area. In doing so I was looking at Site Lock, My questions are as follows

  1. Can I manually enter in and delete members
  2. can I create a way to have say admin pages vs. member pages?
  3. will this allow mass e-mails say like mail chimp can for news letters?
  4. Is this compatible with go Daddy hosted sites?

(Mark Harradine) #28
  1. Yes
  2. Yes
  3. Yes
  4. not sure

(Barrie McDermid) #29

Go daddy have in the past, had a terrible reputation for working with RW, but I think they have upped their game in recent years.

The Realmac blog has some recommendations that are very reasonably priced if Go Daddy doesn’t support it.

(Dave) #30

Hey @garyp - Sitelok absolutely works fine with GoDaddy. I have a long-time client who has been using Sitelok for years (six, at least) without any issues whatsoever. I’ve also upgraded their version each time @vibralogix comes out with an update. No issues at all.

Oh, and Adrian’s after-sales support is FIRST CLASS. He genuinely wants you to succeed. My experience has been that he’s willing to help out if you get stuck with a bit of CSS, etc. (there are a few developers out there that aren’t so generous with answering questions after a product has been purchased).



(Adrian Jones) #31

I can confirm that Sitelok will work fine with Godaddy hosting. The only thing I noticed with Godaddy is that they still block access to send emails via third party SMTP servers forcing you to use their own mail servers.

(Brian LaPan) #32