Yuzool Membership stack

Hi Guys,

Does anyone here use/has implemented the Membership stack?

I’ve seen that sitelok is very popular, however my business partner went with the yuzool stack.

I’m having a few issues with getting the login page to redirect to my members only page, so I’m wondering whether anyone else had this issue when setting up?

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I haven’t used the Membership stack, so I can’t comment on it. But, I will say that if you can’t get it to work correctly, it might be worth your time and money to purchase a license for Sitelok. It is SUPER EASY to install. You do need to create a MySQL database - but that’s all you have to do - Sitelok configures everything for you. So, no worrying about tables, cells, etc. And, Adrian (@vibralogix on this board) is unbelievably friendly and consumer-focused. I’ve used Sitelok for years in different sites, and have nothing but great things to say about it and the company behind it. (and, no - I have no financial interest…I’m just a very happy customer).


I totally agree with Dave. Adrian’s (@vibralogix) helpfulness is truly exceptional. He responds almost instantaneously to support calls. He even makes specific customizations for me – on his own initiative. Using anything else but Sitelok for membership pages seems unreal to me.

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With the ££ already spent I’m having to pursue the Yuzool option, I’m just hoping someone here can help with my issue.

I’ve pm’d Michael l from Yuzool but yet to hear any response.

@apex_lloyd I hate to provide bad news but you may want to rethink this. You need to have an “exit strategy”. At some point waiting for an answer that isn’t going to come is more expensive then buying another product. If you search these forums for yuzool you’ll find many many complaints. The consequence is there are likely very few people at all using the Membership stack who can help you.

Only you can do this, but I’d think about how long you are willing to wait. Either yuzool himself or another forum member may be able to help you in the next few days. But when does the time clock end for you?

If you still have a month before things have to go online live then you do have some waiting room.

SiteLok is an incredible product. I have no idea how your business partner chose Membership over Sitelok. But that issue aside, if you have to move over to Sitelok you are moving to a great product with great support. I use it for almost every site I create (mainly higher ed course websites) and it’s been incredibly dependable. @vibralogix is insanely great with support. Also there are lots of happy customers that can help you with the product on these forums.


I totally agree with Mathew. And, with it priced at just $40.00, it’s a fantastic bargain (and half price for future installations on different sites). There are no ongoing fees, the software is rock solid, it is totally designed for memberships, and the customer support couldn’t be better. You might not need any customization, but as Rob mentioned above, Adrian is also known for providing small customizations - for me, he made it do all sorts of calculations based on what vendors requirements were (size of booth, type of product, profit/non-profit, number of electrical outlets, sack lunches, etc., etc.). This was a requirement of my client - and he did it all for under $100.00 (which I passed on to the client). He made me look like a rock star.

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Let’s find the elephant in the room, shall we -> if you follow the last months of bad comments on this forum about Yuzool support (or total lack of) you know what to do. If there is no support like others said, there is no point using this product. You will end up buying the alternative in the end.

Hi Guys,

As always your help to a novice such as myself is truly invaluable, and know that I really appreciate all the help you give me.

I’ve not had a response from Yuzool in relation to my issue, so I’m going to go with sitelok (should’ve gone with them in the first place. Lesson learned)

Again, Thank you all,



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