Stack for member site login and external opload access


Im looking to make a membership login where its possible for an extra person to opload important messages from external pc ( dont have Mac )

I use Amarillo for blog system but i want to have something Else where we Can add members too.



I am working on a similar Project using Armadillo and sitelok

Is it easy enough to work and integrate ?

Seems easy enough to work with sitelok. Just download the sample RW project from them and used that to start my project. Just need to paste in code on my stacks pages to add membership pages etc. in the header. its just 2 lines of short code

Sitelok can handle that with extreme ease. In addition, Adrian, the owner of @vibralogix is not only very familiar with Rapidweaver (his site is built with it!), but his customer service is excellent. He has a well written manual designed specifically for Rapidweaver sites - and if you get stuck, rest assured that he provides superior after-sales support.

Cheers, Dave

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thanks then I will buy sitelock for the club and its nice to know there are help to get if there are problems :slight_smile:

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@dave when i have sitelock you know if its right I need to buy all the plug-ins m AS extras?

Hi @gitte_holgaard - without knowing the specifics, I can’t say for sure. But, based on your previous comments, I’m pretty sure the answer is no. My suggestion is to reach out directly to Adrian at Vibralogix and ask him- he is very, very willing to ensure that customers needs are met.