Sitelok stacks requires foundation stacks?

I just purchased Sitelok Stacks from Joeworkman. The demo site that is included is built using foundation theme and a number of Foundation stacks, which would cost me another $ 100.00
Is that really necessary? Now I am going to bed angry.

Hey Ian,
Sorry about that, I can rebuild the demo, but I need to know, which version of RapidWeaver are you using. If you are on RW 8, I will use that, but if you are on RapidWeaver 7, than I will do that one.
Let me know.

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@iansinclair There is zero need to purchase Foundation. You do need the original Sitelok product ($40) in order to get the Sitelok Stacks to work: but that’s normal.

Even if the demo uses Foundation you still should be able to inspect the Sitelok stack settings (which is all you’ll need). Nice of @zeebe to create another demo project.

The Sitelok stacks do make installing Sitelok on a variety of pages simpler and quicker.


Sitelok is an awesome product, by the way, with fantastic support from Adrian, the developer. As Mathew mentioned, you’ll need to purchase a copy of Sitelok since the Stacks you purchased simply make installing it easier. Hoping the anger subsides - you’ve made a great choice!

I have no stacks that actually require that you have the Foundation theme/stacks. If I did, I would make it very apparent that this was a requirement. Every stack that I sell outside of the Foundation stacks should work in any theme. Obviously, I cannot guarantee compatibility with every possible theme/stack combination. But its definitely 99.9%.


Thanks. I am on 8 now. Although I keep 7 for some things.

OK, not sure if I can get it done this weekend, by Tuesday for sure.


Thanks for the quick response to my late-night techno-rage. Joeworkman is known for producing great stuff, and Robert is a truly impressive “support jedi.” I’ve had Sitelok for a while and I am looking forward to easier functionality with these stacks.

I have to admit that the demo project that ships with the Sitelok stacks is not impressive. Its basically just adding the stacks to the page with a few more text stacks to help illustrate what each stack can do.

Here is a project file using the new Future Theme

And for anyone interested, you can watch a video of me converting it, just copy and paste the URL below:


Brilliant. Thank you!

Excellent service @zeebe - well done.

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