How choosing stacks in RapidWeaver 7

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I´m a beginner for the software RapidWeaver. Well, I have a question about it. I hope, you can help me.

A little story before: I visited different websites, communities and I have red some manuals, if there are exist, but there were no answer for my problems.

I have bought two stacks from Joe Workman: SiteLok and Jack. I could install it without any problems. I can see these stacks in the Addons-Manager, but how can I using these stacks? I found no explanation about it. OK, there are docs and clips, how I can do some things in the stacks: Choose the boarders, the text and so on and so forth. Well, I would like to know, how I can choose these stacks in RapidWeaver? There is nothing about the „Add“ button.
After I had downloaded the utlility with the name „Stacks“, here it is possible to choose the stacks I have. Do I have to buy this stack now to use the other addons? The program must be able to do it from home, right?

Thanks a lot.


Make sure your using a stacks page(you will need to have the stacks plugin).
Then select the library icon:

You should see a list of all your stacks:

Just select the one you want and drap it onto the page.

Does require the product SiteLok from Vibralogix.

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If I am not misunderstanding your question, you require the Stacks Plugin by YourHead to use the stacks you’ve purchased. you will have to purchase it.

Joe Workman has a page ( ) that has instructions, demo, tutorials, and videos for his products.

Hello you both!

That´s the answer. Thanks for it. Now I have learned something new. :slight_smile:


One of your first stacks should be all set of Joe’s foundation stacks and once you get the hand on using stacks then you should go check out Big White Duck stacks.

While developing website using foundation stack is easier but I recommend reading docs on Foundation Zurb 5 to get the idea how website are developed using text editors and Foundation.

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