Sitelok + "too many redirects" error

Has anyone else gotten the “too many redirects” error when logging into a Sitelok account?

Brandon: Yes, I did get that at one time in September. In my case it seemed to be caused by some code in the slconfig.php file.

Adrian (the developer) wrote:

It seems to be a cross domain cookies issue which Chrome 9is more fussy about.

And the solution involved:

In slconfig.php you currently have this setting


which allows Sitelok to be used on subdomains of Can you remind me if you need to use subdomains?

Normally this is fine but for some reason I noticed that all of your pages have this odd code at the very top of the pages

If you don’t need subdomain support for Sitelok can you try removing


I’ve left some of the conversation out of the selected quote above, and replaced my website name with a generic one. I don’t know if this will help in your case. At any rate my situation was solved by removing that one line of code from the relevant slconfig file. This may or may not help in your case. Adrian provides fantastic support, so it’s also worthwhile contacting him.