Sitelok logot redirect

I set the Sitelok logout to redirect which it does but it does not logout the user! If I don’t redirect it logsout OK but but returns to a login page that has no ability to be customised so you could add maybe return Home or something, so the user is forced to manually return to the home page.

Am I missing something?

You do know that Sitelok automatically logs off after a certain time of no activity, or when the browser is closed, right?

Yes I do but I am concerned about people logging in for public computers, can I set the logout time to minimal?

Are you using Joe Workman’s Sitelok stacks?

Yes I am.

You an create a logout link with a redirect if you need to override the default behavior

<a href="/slpw/sitelokpw.php?sitelokaction=logout&page=http://">Logout</a>

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Thank you I will give it a go…

Tagging @joeworkman, then, in case there’s a bug in the stack.

If you still have problems contact me directly via and I can take a look.

Joe Workman’s Sitelok logout stack - with any button in it - most definitely logs out of a Sitelok protected page and redirects if set to do so.

Make sure that you are protecting every page with the appropriate sitelok permissions rather than just the entry page.

Logout stack does redirect and logout so I if you are having problems, I would look again at the permissions for the page(s).

Thanks, I will revisit this and get back if needed.

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