Status of SiteMap Plus?

On a site with about 500 pages, in my case SiteMap Plus has been absolutely invaluable. Unhappily, the last version that it ever worked in for me was RW 7.0.4.

In any version subsequent to that, it has been impossible to even click on the Sitemap Plus page. The program instantly freezes and the dreaded beach ball takes over the joint.

Wondering if anyone else has experienced this phenomenon, and wondering if @isaiah is still involved with the support and development of this plugin.


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I’m also interested in SiteMap Plus, and it’s on my list of stacks to buy. I hope it’s still being developed and supported.

Sadly, I too had to stop using it. I have 1600 page site split into six projects. The current sitemap plus (even if it worked) does not support a site split into projects. The older version did. I used it to create an Alphabetical list of over 600 “Reports.” It worked great. Now I maintain the list manually (editing the html code.)


I was thinking that manually might be the way to go.

I grabbed the code from my last good working list (created by SiteMap Plus) put it in an html stack, added appropriate css to the page, and that is what I maintain. One new entry per day so it’s not a big deal. If I remember correctly I think things sped up too when I deleted SiteMap Plus… but water has gone under the bridge since then.

I am using SiteMap Plus in two of my sites and it works normally for me. One of these sites is quite extensive (on my personal scale :wink:) at 91 pages. I have never had any problem with SMP.
OSX 10.11.6, RW 7.3.0, Stacks 3.2.7, SiteMap Plus 3.00.

BTW, @NeilUK – I’m sure you are aware that SMP is a plugin, not a stack…[quote=“NeilUK, post:2, topic:13063”]
I’m also interested in SiteMap Plus, and it’s on my list of stacks to buy.

Hi @Rovertek,

Yes, I forgot to call it a plugin. I just have my list of stacks to buy on my brain.


My configuration is the exact same as yours, and so I think it must have something to do with the size of the file. Or perhaps the problem resides with a file that was originally created in previous RW versions.

I just opened a newer file, created in RW 7, with a mere 7 pages. In this case, SiteMap Plus works. But, for reasons unknown, it does not work at all in my critical website file, originally created in v6, or maybe even v5, and with significantly more pages. As I mentioned earlier, it stopped working after 7.0.4.

I have SiteMap Plus and made some changes to a RW6 project containing SMP with RW7.3 and it worked fine with RW7. I checked the sitemap and it seemed OK.

All… it would help if you stated how you are using SiteMap plus… I think possibly the regular “SiteMap” works but the “Alphabetical List” does not. And it surely won’t work with split projects as did older versions.

@webdeer Based on what you say, it is then probably the size of my file that is sabotaging SMP. If I merely click on that page in the sidebar, the program freezes.

@1611mac Ditto to above: If I merely click on that page in the sidebar, the program freezes. After 7.0.4, cannot access it at all in my larger file.

My project file is 64MB, all images warehoused and 10 pages, but is very complex - takes about up to 5 minutes to Preview a page (quicker in RW6). The sitemap should be simple however.

I only mentioned that SMP worked for me because I had reason here, that it does’t work with RW7.

The real issue is whether it will be developed further to gain full compatibility with RW7.

No problem with Sitemap (current versions of RW and Sitemap). Although I notice that if I don’t publish the plugin while in preview mode, the web page doesn’t list the site map.

Any Updates on that topic? I recently bought SMP and did a first test on current RW 7.5.x on a small project. I found it very useful, also the export of the OPML-format which can be used for creating a map of the menu tree. I didn’t go further and didn’t test it with a big project. That’s why I’m concerned a bit. Could @yourhead chime in to give some feedback?


We currently develop and maintain SiteMap. The current version is Sitemap 3.0. We redesigned much of the UI and some of the internals to make it play nicely with RapidWeaver 7.

It should also work great with all recent versions of RapidWeaver and some older too – it requires RapidWeaver 6.

To be perfectly honest we don’t get a whole lot of sales of this product – so will probably not invest in expanding it too much. However we will continue to support and maintain it.

Just like all our other plugins, we’ll be spending the summer updating things for RapidWeaver 8 and Mojave and plan to make sure all the necessary updates are done well before RW8 and Mojave are released.

If you have any specific questions on using SiteMap you can direct them to our support folks. Christi is usually pretty good at answering SiteMap questions: but if they’re too technical I’ll jump in too. :smiley:


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This is an old thread and in Mar of 2017 above I said that I didn’t think the Alphabetical option worked… I was wrong on that. I’m on the latest version of RW and SiteMap Plus Alphabetical option works fine as does the rest of if.

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@isaiah Thanks for giving that clear statement. I appreciate your honesty as well :grinning:

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I use Sitemap Plus. It is definitely one of the best plugins I’ve purchased. The controls, the personalization, and the power of the plugin make Sitemap Plus awesome. I do hope you continue to offer it and update it.

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