Skype "button" (overlay?) disrupting layout


Anyone know how to stop Skype (or other services) from inserting their stuff into an area and disrupting the CSS? Or, how to detect/counter it?

Is is a matter of seeing what that object’s class is, overriding it, setting display:none?


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//s// Jon C. Munson II

  1. What browser is this?
  2. Are there any extensions from Skype that might be detecting phone numbers and inserting this?
  3. Do you have a URL we can take a look at?


This occurs in my client’s browser, and she’s using Firefox.

I believe there is a Skype extension installed & operational. While I have Skype, I don’t have it running, so don’t see the insert.

Here is the url:

OK, yes. I don’t see the Skype button here (and it’s likely that’s due to the Skype extension). It’s possibly / probably not worth your time to work around it (the CSS that Skype applies etc may well change). A little client education may be necessary :wink:

Thanks @nikf - I have indeed already “edumacated” my client. :wink:

I’m betting the Skype insert is probably done after the page is rendered anyway, which means anything I’d do at the page level would likely be overridden.