Slideshow doesn`t show | PlusKit

I want to integrate a slideshow (done on a photo RW page) on a stack page with PlusKit (3.0.1). First it worked fine. (Then I did a RW upgrade 6.3. to 6.4) I don´t know if it has anything to do with it, but the slideshow doesn´t work anymore. The white case (wrapper) of the slideshow (monoslide) shows but no content!

Couriously the other funktion of the photo page - photo gallery with lightbox - works fine.

I have discussed this topic already in the german support with Apfelpüree. We didnt solve it. At the end he suggested to buy special slideshow plugins. I could but somehow I dont feel content with it. It already worked and I want to find out why it doesn`t anymore.

The client also prefers the slideshow. Since he wants me to do a relaunch of his site I will do him this favour :grin:
thx 4 help