PlusKit issue with import of several pages

Hi everyone,

I’m having a little trouble with Pluskit.
I created two photoalbums and I want to import them on my homepage.
When I import one it works great, but as soon as I import the second one, it goes where the first one was and the first one disappears.

I would like to have both photoalbums playing alongside one another on my homepage.
I’m using RW7, with stacks (two columns).

Anyone has had this same issue ?

I can also use the impact stack instead of using pluskit but then I have all the pictures on one page and that’s not so “clean” to work with. The advantage of Pluskit is that I can insert another page and bundle my pictures there.

Thanks beforehand !

This will not work. The photo album pages contain content that can’t be appear twice on the same page. In order to have multiple copies of things, they really need to be designed to work that way from the beginning. Page-styles (like the photo album page) are not really designed with that in mind.

I’d recommend sticking to the simpler things:

  1. Just links:
    The simplest solution would just be to keep the photo albums on separate pages and then use stacks to build a page that links to them – you could include a couple of the best photos from each album as thumbnails on the linking page.

  2. Just stacks:
    There are tons of gallery and slideshow stacks that you can use. And tons of other options. Even some free and very inexpensive stuff too. And nearly every stacks is designed to be used many times on each page.

Last suggestion: just keep it simple. Images look great but too many on one page makes for a slow page.

Thanks Isaiah, I solved it with the stacks.

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