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Hi All,

I think I may have pushed things a bit too far. What was supposed to be a simple little website about some college classes works about as fast as molasses in winter :frowning:

here’s the link:

I used Foundry as the basis for my site. I’m pretty inexperienced here (though I have a million stacks :slight_smile: and thought to use the website as a way to explore some of the stacks I own. I’m wondering if I put some things together that don’t play well.

Again, this is a Foundry based site. I used Doobox Hippo 3, and put 1LD Expanse cards as the Hippo items. Using the Foundry ‘Visibility’ stack, I made a separate version for mobile (the Expanse card shapes are initially static and become responsive once they’re expanded) and my initial design was too large for mobile, hence the mobile version.

If anyone is able to take a look and has tips to get it speed up a bit, that would be great! Do you agree that it’s slow?

Thanks in advance!

A URL would indeed help in this case :slight_smile:

Just noticed that - fixed!

Not sure what the problem is? Seems okay to me.

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Thanks for your response. On my end, the page hangs when it loads. I just tested it on my iMac and it took 14 seconds - I have a pretty fast connection. I just tried some other sites, some I’ve never been to so they’re not in my browser cache) and they took anywhere from 1-3 seconds.

Glad it worked for you though!

It took around 22 seconds to load in Safari each time for four page load tests here in LA with a Spectrum cable connection .

Thanks David,

Looks like I need to revisit what I’ve done - maybe make things a bit simpler and more traditional. It would be great if any of the developers @Elixir, @Doobox, @1LDskyler could tell this semi-noob what’s going on :slight_smile:

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When you use a ‘visibilty’ stack the hidden content will still load on the device that it is hidden from. It won’t show on the device but will cause a slow down…

You may also just have to many ‘things’ on the page.

I may be wrong about the Foundary visibility one but you may need to look at using an alternative stack that only loads the content the device needs. I can’t remember the name but @joeworkman has one that does that.


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Robert - yes your site is unacceptably slow. Foundry already has a great set of animation effects and the Card layouts is one of Foundry’s standout features. It would make sense to replace the Hippo and Expanse stacks with the Foundry stacks. Not sure why you have also created a mobile version (hidden but also loaded for desktop) but this will slow down your site.

A better approach would be to build one site that displays well on all device sizes and Foundry has all of the controls you will need.

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Hey there @bleener

As some of the others have pointed out, you don’t want to build a two-in-one page where you’re loading all of the content twice. Foundry’s stacks are all responsive so that sort of thing isn’t necessary. You’ll want to build your pages using the responsive features of each stack to make it look good at the three different breakpoints – mobile, tablet and desktop.

While the Visibility stack is good for displaying alternate content at different breakpoints sometimes, it isn’t something you want to do for the entire page as you’re doubling up on that content, loading it twice.

Hi Nigel -

Thanks for your response - I spent most of the day redoing the website :slight_smile: There’s a lot to learn! I don’t do this very much and I didn’t know that it would load the other version at the same time (not so obvious to we designer types). Didn’t know that what I was doing wasn’t ‘best practices’ at all - it seemed like that’s what the stack was made for :slight_smile:

The reason I used it that way is that I was having a hard time getting my designs to look nice for mobile. I thought it would be better - smarter even, lol - to make a different version.

After hearing from Gary at Webdeer say that I should be able to use Foundry to make my design work throughout, I doubled down today and worked it out. Thanks for your help!

I have an ancient stack called Agent-X (Doobox) but I’ve never used it and there’s no more info online about it. I think it does the same thing.


Hi Adam -

I was able to work it out :slight_smile: This is my 2nd Foundry site and while I’m getting better, there’s still a lot to learn :slight_smile: I was finally able to get my design to transition smoothly thru the different responsive sizes. It took a lot of trial and error to get a sense of things.

I had no idea that both versions would load - I thought I was using the stack appropriately! Lesson learned.

As always, thanks.

Hi Gary -

Thanks for your help! You really encouraged me to try again. I was having a hard time getting my designs to transition nicely to mobile sizes; I spent most of the day figuring things out - I think it boils down to how I use containers and margins and padding… I finally got what I wanted - not sure if I’m doing things the ‘smart’ way but I don’t think anything’s broken like before… I went a different direction and used a one-page layout and anchor stacks (never used them before) but I think things are working well. I hope to publish tomorrow morning - California time. I hope I can get your opinion!

Thanks for the push! I just got a lot better because of input.



Excellent. Sounds like you are moving in the right direction. Responsive is the way to go and once you get the right look it will be fine.


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