Need Foundry Site Constructive Critique

For the time being, this will be a ‘home page only’ siite until I am given board member photos and the text they want displayed. The other pages will be for a database I am now in the process of creating.

Here is the site built with Foundry:

Without help from members of this forum I would never have learned about frameworks which now makes website building much easier.

Constructive comments or suggestions are all welcome.


Have a look at it in mobile. It’s scrolls horizontally and the first section has way too much padding.

Hi @chicago , Your layout could be a lot better. I would limit the width of the container (photos and text). The wider he screen the wider the text goes, thus you loose readability. You could consider using a Column stack here, or use the Margins stack. Also, check padding between photo and text, add some ‘air’ between text and next member photo. I’m missing structure and so I’m not tempted to start reading.


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Thanks for catching that oversight. I’m on it.

Greetings, Hans!

Thank you for all of your comments and suggestions. I will make all of the adjustments that you recommended and let you know after these changes have been made.

Thanks again for your guidance,

Hi @chicago , if you’re not a graphic designer (and that shouldn’t stop you to make websites) search the internet to find websites you like and that work for you. Steel with your eyes. People who make attractive websites often spent several years of training in visual communication. It’s a job.

You can also find a bunch of templates you can try to recreate.

Cheers and all the best,


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Hi Hans,

Thanks for your post. No, I’m afraid I am not a graphic designer. My wife is and I do get a lot of ‘suggestions’ from her. Ha!

I have made some of the changes that you suggested, but the iPhone verstion is not quite right as of yet. I am grateful that Joe Workman spotted the mobile shortcomings. To be very honest, I am probably the only persone on the planet who NEVER views a website on a mobile device which explains why I never bothered to view this site on my iPhone. Not good, I know.

The folks who commissioned this site are extremely slow to respond to me. The development of this site could take months or longer to finalize so all of these improvement could be for naught. I have to feed tank sensor data to this site as well, so I will be spending a great deal of time on that.

I sincerely appreciate your help,

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Dear Philip,

no stress, you have time to make something nice :grinning:. Clients not responding… tell me about it.
Anyway, mobile has become very important. Most stacks in Foundry have the option to set specific breakpoints for mobile. It’s worth to give it your attention. RW has the ability to preview for mobile as well, so it shouldn’t be too hard.

Keep us posted,


A lot of space after Bill Noland on Iphone 8.

Thanks! I’m still working on it.

I appreciate the feedback.

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