Slow loading times for Foundation projects?


Hi. Although I have a new Macbook Pro and fast internet, I find some Foundation projects take a long time to load (i.e. several seconds). I don’t understand why since these are made by professional developers and Foundation, which reportedly is very fast loading.

Since the advent of high speed internet, better browsers, better design, and software, I’m not used to waiting, and watching the page animations load for so long makes me crazy. I don’t want my visitors to have to do the same.

What is an acceptable time to wait for pages to load? With a fast computer and fast internet connection, don’t most sites load almost immediately these days?

(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #2

Do you have links to these sites so others can test out your claims?

(Mathew Mitchell) #3

@zeebe: there are a few slow ones. I’ve really noticed it on some of the new “templates” that a few folks have created.

@lynnnight: I have noticed the same, with the key difference that have moderate speed internet. I.e. a speed closer to what most folks have in the U.S. So in my case some sites seem super slow: i.e. I have to wait 4 to 10 seconds. More than 10 seconds and I’m gone. Actually I’m usually gone if it’s longer than 5 seconds to load.

However, I don’t think the slowness in some sites is due to Foundation. I think there’s this Buddha dude who said something akin to “all things in moderation.”

… in the pursuit of slickness and coolness some people choose to put a lot of “stuff” on their sites that slow it down. Lots of images, lots of effects, lots of big images, background videos, and so on. I don’t think it matters what framework you are using (within reason): both Bootstrap and Foundation themselves are very fast. But if you load down a Ferrari with tons of “stuff” then it will also magically start going slower!


Thanks @Mathew. Glad to know I’m not the only one who has noticed this. And also glad to know it has nothing to do with Foundation. There’s some very cool templates being created overall but I guess one has to sacrifice speed for cool stuff. I think I’ll stick to more simple but pleasing designs. Many thanks for the information.

(Demoulin) #5

I have some sort of same problem, but in RW7 . When clicking from “edit” to “preview” it takes a looooong time for the site to appear. EG I downloaded BWD demo projects. Wouaw, min 10 sec to appear. I have a recent MacbookPro Retina.
Any idea?

(Gary) #6

Hi, I am in a unique position to answer this question with facts. I assume you are talking about the time taken for a page to “appear” on your fast internet connected new MacBook.

My RapidTemplates run on both the Foundation blank theme and also S4S’s ThemeFlood Bootstrap based Blank Theme. Therefore, by just selecting the theme Foundation or Blank Theme I can compare both back to back. In the tests that I and customers have done, there is no detectable difference in page loading using the same project file. That is a fact based on real world observations. They are both excellent, fast, well supported, continually developed and mature. Also, as I am completely impartial and have no commercial relationship with framework builders, stack vendors or “other”, so I will just report it just how it is with no smoke and mirrors. Now, we can spend hours debating which is better, more shiny and smells better but there is no detectable difference in performance. A growing trend on this forum has been for members to promote one and bash the other.

If you are talking about sites using Joe workman Foundation stacks suite (of which I have a great deal of experience), then I don’t think you will find a faster performing, mature, well documented, continually developed, dedicated multi-forum supported, dedicated 3rd party Plus support and optimised complete suite of stacks.

If you are talking about my Projects and Templates then some are loaded up to “infinity and beyond” with animations and effects to show many of the amazing things possible. This obviously slows things down but certainly not to an unacceptable level. These are not designed to be used in a real world site with all animations and effects working together as that would be silly. My Template 3 “The Grid” for example has Ken burns slow zoom and pan, with additional CSS blur, brightness as well as scaling web fonts with animated path transitions in a multi grid responsive layout. Yet the whole grid will scale elegantly before your eyes and if you had a cent for every calculation going on in the background, you could run with Donald Trump.

All web animations need to be treated with careful choice in a final design but in a demonstration more animations than is optimal may be used just to illustrate what is possible.


Thanks for the information @webdeer. It makes sense you’d want to show everything your templates can do, and loaded up like that, they may appear slower than they would in a real world application. I have read good things about both the Foundation framework theme and ThemeFlood’s bootstrap framework Blank theme in terms of functionality and performance. Thank you for providing that explanation. I will be more educated when demo’ing templates in the future.