Slow pages in PHP

After a long search I found the cause of my slow website.
I had uploaded the homepage in php and that translated the server inertia up to 17 seconds to the first pixel.
But now?
The other pages are in php because Rapidcart pro is written in php. Who knows what I can do about it?
Are there more Weavers who know this problem?
It would be great, it cost a lot of time to bring in all the products.



Having your homepage or any other page set to .php should have little, if any, impact on speed.

Maybe you should look for a better host?

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Just using PHP with a good hosting company should have no noticeable impact on the load speed of a page.
What the PHP is doing can cause delays. I don’t have RapidCart, but many other users do, so my guess is it’s not any issue with that product.
PHP and mySQL requests can be routed through to a different server(instead of running on the same server as standard html requests).

My best guess is you have a poor hosting setup.

I do have and use Rapidcart (on a decent host), no issues with loading times at all.


Is it still supposed to be slow? It loaded instantly for me.

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The page index.html and index.php are both out there (defaults to HTML):


Has a TTFB - TtimeTo First Byte) of around 565ms on a fast (gigabit) conection:


Has a TTFB of close to 8 seconds

If the only difference to these pages is the extension (PHP) then it’s definitely time for a new host.

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Same here.

Load the PHP version:

I discovered that there is an old php version on the server 5.6.36 and we are now building with 7.1.19.
It seems that the hoster does not update automatically.
That might be the reason.
Thanks for answering.

The link you gave above: is NOT a PHP page. It is an index.html page. You have both index.html and index.php files on the server. By default, you are loading the HTML version.

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