Speed of website with marvel and rapidcart pro

I am currently building a website in French.
I have reduced all pictures with squash.
Still, starting it up shows that it takes a long time before the website starts.
Can this charging time be shortened?
I use the theme Marvel and the webshop Rapidcart pro.
The website I am building:https://www.produits-gastronomiques.fr
Who is able or to help me/ advice me?


Looks like a lot of time is TTFB(Time To First Byte) almost 12 seconds out of a 14.5-second load. I’m on a very fast (gigabyte) connection. A slow TTFB usually is a Server performance issue. The link above is loading a very reasonable amount of data, 534kb page weight.
Don’t know who the hosting company is, or what plan you may be on, other than changing hosting companies, My best guess would be not much you could do.


Thanks for answering.

You mean chanse to an other server

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