Social Card not showing in Twitter

(Judson) #1

My social card I have for my homepage does not appear to be working in Twitter. Is it the path to the image in the RapidWeaver code?

(Doug Bennett) #2

I would say that is likely the problem. I don’t know of a debugger for Twitter but I ran your site through the Facebook “Sharing Debugger”, rescrapped the site and got the following error:

tag: @dan @simon

(Judson) #3

Is there a fix coming for this?

(Judson) #4

Anyone know if this fix will be on the next release?

(Jan Fuellemann) #5

Yes, they are already working on a fix…

(Doug Bennett) #6

Should be later soon

(Dan) #7

This fix should be in the next build, early next week. Sorry for the delay.

(Dan) #8

@teefers, can you send over your project showing this issue to - Thanks!


Blog social media images are not working properly
(Judson) #9

I will as soon as I get back in town. Look at the source code on my home page and you will see partial URL to the image location on the Twitter card.

(Doug Bennett) #10

I just sent you an email with sample Project, URL, and Facebook debugger results.

(Dan) #11

Perfect, expect this to be fixed in the next build!


(system) #12

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