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Hi guys, I need to add a better way for people to follow my business facebook and twitter pages. Any recommendations for the best button stacks that can like a FB page or Twitter account right from your website?

Hi @Parker,

I’m about to launch a Facebook suite of stacks that might be what you are looking for, as far as FB is concerned. You can see them in action here:

Let me know if this is what you are looking for and I can arrange something even before the official launch. The suite encompasses 9 stacks with different FB functions:

If you are looking for buttons, check out Social Bubble from @Lucas, it’s a pretty cool stack, and SocialPopup from @willwood.



Thanks for the heads up on your stacks. I am going to use the ShareThis follow buttons for now but will keep an eye out for new options. Keep up the good work!

I don’t know anything about ShareThis, but keep in mind that buttons like theirs often aren’t GDPR compliant and leak privacy info to the sites.

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Hi Ricardo,

for GDPR reasons these things can not be used without a dedicated consent. But there is a solution, perhaps you can implement this for your suite of stacks?

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Cross-site tracking, like JavaScript, that services like ShareThis and AddThis use are blocked now by Safari unless the user changes Safari preferences.


@teefers thanks for point this out. I will see if sharethis has a solution. I have not found a good way to have people follow your FB page from your own website. It seems users have to actively click a FB link and then follow once at the FB page. This is even the way the ShareThis links are working it seems. Oh well.

All these social media platforms are getting more and more this way. They want the users of their platform to use their website or app.

They don’t charge users, so the only way they can make money is to track and sell users’ information. If people can “follow” your Facebook page from your website, Facebook doesn’t have a way to “track” them.

Your customers have a right to privacy and using third party trackers (like shareThis) without their knowledge violates their privacy. That’s why Safari blocks cross-site tracking. I think Firefox also blocks this (at least the Developer Edition does, so it will probably be in the regular edition soon).

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Good point @teefers

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