Social share buttons sticky left

I have various share stacks for sharing social media, but in this case I just want to add a few simple flat square buttons the left of the page. vertically stacked
What is the best way to do this?

Try 1 Little Designers ‘Sticky Navs’ stack:

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Yay! I missed that. Brilliant, thanks so much

Anyone know how I can get rid of all that padding?

I am trying to add different color flat icons sticky left.

So tried the custom image option and added flat icons I had downloaded. But they come out tiny with lots of surounding b/g. Nothing I do within the stack allows the image icon to be bigger without background

Url? Can probably take care of it with some CSS but without URL to look at no way to know what without the stack.

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There are horizontal padding and icon padding controls in the settings. Try messing with those and increasing the font size to find the right balance?

Yes trying that… I think its me… not working!

Thanks will recreate and send you a link asap

Maybe not. I’ve only just clocked that you’d used the custom icons option. Above my paygrade! :sunglasses:

Another thing you should consider - if you have a responsive site - is duplicating a set of tabs for mobile only use and making this set of icons run along the bottom of screen. The reason is that side tabs get in the way of text on mobile phones - particularly if you have several of them

So the ‘left side’ set of tabs will be hidden on phones but visible on desktop and tablet. The ‘bottom’ set of tabs should be hidden on iPad and desktops, and visible only on phones.

I did this on of you want an example

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Thanks all.

I ended up with Will Woodgate stacks4stacks

Just as manofdogz says above, I was using it anyway as its perfect for mobile as it takes tiny space but has limitless share options!

I had been looking for alternative for desktop version as was trying to keep inline with what the client has requested.
However when she saw social pop up she loved it.

That’s nice - not used before. Another cool Social pop-up is Joe Workmans Share-It stack: i’ve used this a few of times - works well and looks great.