Social Tag Images in Blog disappear with Re-Publish

I came across a super annoying bug in Rapidweaver Version: 8.6.2.

I use social tags with the build-in blog function of rapidweaver. The meta-tag linking the social image meta name=“twitter:image” content=“xxx.jpg” and meta property=“og:image” content=“xxx.jpg” keep dispearing in older articles when I use “Re-Publish All Files”.

However, once I make a minor edit in one of those articles and upload this change with “Publish Site”, they are coming back without any edit concerning the actual social image.

I hope this description helps to reproduce and fix the issue.

This might be interesting for @dan

I should add one more thing: adding a social image to a blog post doesn’t mark the blog as changed, and subsequently you can’t use “Publish Site” to upload it. This made me use Re-Publish All in the first place.

I consider this behavior a bug as well.

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