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Question to @dan and @tpbradley.

RW 8.1.7 & 8.1.5

I have my site set to copy all resources into the RW project file.

When I add photos to the RW Blog post-specific image social tag, it appears that particular file is not copied into the project, but rather links off to the folder where it was dragged from. So when I open the file on another computer, all of those post image social tags are blank and the resource shows as missing.

I’d expect for all images to be copied into the project file based on the setting, regardless of where the photo is dragged. Is this intentional behavior?

Hey @chet

I can’t seem to reproduce this using RW 8.1.7. Did you change the “copy all resources into the RW project file” setting at any time? The setting only applies to new resources so any pre-existing resources will not be copied in.


Thanks for looking into this. I updated both of my computers to .7 and have moved the blog social tag photos into the same folder. My limited tests are showing that this issue is fixed. I’ll let you know if it comes up again.

It’s a bug that’s a bit tedious as I’m trying to update the tags in all 800 of my blog posts, and having to do the same job twice can be frustrating! I’m glad to have the feature, though.

Hey Tom-

Started a brand new project, 8.1.7, added photos to the per-post social tags in the blog plugin. Once a publish happens and the project is saved and quit, the RW clears out those photos. The project is set to copy resources into the document and the original location of the photos (from where I dragged them into the project) hasn’t changed.

This has been a persistent problem 8.0+, and I haven’t been able to figure it out. Let me know if you need the project/logs/etc.

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