SOLVED - Foundation H1 Line Height with Header Pro across whole site

(Lisa Sandler) #1

Is there a way or code to set a line height for all H1 in Foundation site styles or for Header Pro?
@joeworkman @tav
thanks, Lisa

(Joe Workman) #2

Font Pro has settings for this. You could always use good ol’ CSS as well…

(Lisa Sandler) #3

thanks, Joe. I can’t figure out the CSS… I’m much better with html. Can anyone help with the code and where to put it?

(Paul Dennison) #4

In the “Settings” on the left hand column you’ll find the “Code” bit, once clicked you’ll see a tab for CSS.

h1 {
line-height: specify your height here;

(Lisa Sandler) #5

thanks, Paul, but it seems Header Pro is overriding… doesn’t seem to work.

(Doug Bennett) #6

Looking at your home page you have 7 h1’s. Thats probably not a good thing.

h1 {
  line-height: 2.5!important;

(Lisa Sandler) #7

thank you :slight_smile: I’m redesigning my website and have fixed all that, so there will only be 1 per page. Nothing to show yet, since I’ve decided to split my website and do sub-domains… a lot to do before I go live.

(Paul Dennison) #8

.h-pro {
line-height: specify your height here;

should target the header pro sections

(Doug Bennett) #9

I saw you had asked about that, not sure what it is going to buy you. Search engines treat sub-domains as separate domains, sub-domains can confuse users and create longer domain names.

(Andrew Tavernor) #10

Header Pro will only add line height code if the Type Setting controls are turned on in the stack

(system) #11

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