Climate Theme - How to modify h1 height?

I’m a RW newbie and just uploaded my first RW generated homepage using a modified Climate theme:

Unfortunately the h1 size is too large so I went using a h3 size instead.
I would prefer using a modified h1 size but was not able to change it with these CSS modifications in the CSS Code section:

h1 {
font-size: 20px !important;

The h1 size change is recognized in the built in Preview Mode but not so in the published site, even when all files are republished.

Any help to solve this enigma is appreciated.

from Hamburg, Germany.

Hi Carsten,
this works for me:

I tested it by wrapping h1 tags around a line in an html stack. I noticed your test page uses a Markdown stack. Maybe the markdown markup conflicts with the css? The same thing happens when using a HeaderPro stack from BWD: the stack has its own settings and these prevent css from becoming effective.

Hi Markus,

thanks for your feedback. Problem solved, but I don’t know how, actually. This is the CSS directive I’ve implemented now:

h1 { font-size: 26px !important; }

It works with Markdown and HTML stacks. But I don’t know what went wrong yesterday night, when I run into this problem. Today, I only added a HTML stack to test the “Markdown” problem idea. Mmmmh, I think it’ll remain a mystery.

Take care,

Did you clear your browser cache?

Using Chrome browser I’ve reloaded the page but initiated no special browser cache clearance. I thought that reloading the page would fit for purpose to clear the browser cache.

Reloading the page, doesn’t clear cached content. That’s more than likely why the changes didn’t appear to work. The next day when things appeared to magically start to work, the prior days content in the browsers cache probably had expired.

All modern browsers are more and more aggressively caching content in order to render content faster. There’s a browser speed war going on between all of them.

If you see things like this in the future, try clearing your browsers cache, and/or try a different browsers.


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