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Ive been using Header Pro for a website. Now the client wants Comic Sans to run through the whole website! Ok… now before somebody says it… I know Comic Sans is an awful font!
But, its what they want! I’ve tried to talk them out of it but I’m getting nowhere!
Anyway… So I’ve changed everything to Comic Sans… added css to every page to try to encourage the website to actually do what i need it to do!
The problem stack is Header Pro I’m afraid! which works on desktop ok but will not display Comic Sans on mobile!
Site styles are all changed to Comic Sans… Ive set the Header Pro stack to display theme default!
I’ve also tried setting it as google font! nothing works at all to get Comic Sans on mobile within the Header Pro stack!
Am i doing something wrong here! or does it just not work!

If HeaderPro is set to use theme fonts then it plays absolutely no part in the selection of the font to use - it will just get whatever font is applied to h1, h2, h3... etc.

In addition, even when loading fonts itself there is no distinction between desktop and touch drives - it simply links to the google fonts cdn in exactly the same way as site styles does.

There must be something else going on here but without a url it is impossible to tell.

Can you give us a link to the site so we can see what is going on please.

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So if I were paying you to make a website for me this is how you would talk to me? I find this to be offensive. I only hope young impressionable kids who are learning RapidWeaver won 't read this trash.


Ive kind of worked around it, thanks for the replies tho! Ive recreated the headings using Paragraph Pro (
made them bigger and bolder) So, its worked out ok for this job i think. No idea what the issue was tho. Oh well, probably just should of done that to begin with instead of disturbing you guys on here :slight_smile:

I don’t see what your four letter word has to do with humour. This is a community and no doubt there are young children. I don’t like to hear profanity myself. When you use asterisks as you did it is clear what the word is so people say it in their mind. Do you not think there are people on this forum who are offended by that word?

As for the font… fine. I agree that you tell your client what may be wrong with their idea. But you you kindly explain it to them. Read your post again. You suggest going to them and telling them to go do something very specific. I know you did not literally mean to do that but why say it at all?

I don’t want to steal the topic here so that is all I’ll say on this topic. I just request that you respect views of others who use the forums.


@Kelnixon Don’t make all your headers into paragraphs, this will not be good for SEO or correct spacing. There must be something set in those existing headers.

Do you want to send me a page from the project file so that I can sort it out properly for you?
Just email it to the support [at] bigwhiteduck [dot] com .


I’m going to take a wild shot and say that you are using a font that is on your Mac and NOT one that’s either hosted on your server or from GoogleFonts/Adobe TypeKit.
If you want a custom font to display on all browsers/OS’s(Windows/MacOS/iOS/Android etc) then you MUST use one that is hosted on your site or sourced from GoogleFonts or AdobeTypeKit.
It appears that ComicSans is not available for free, you’ll need to buy it from MonoType https://www.fonts.com/font/microsoft-corporation/comic-sans, at ~£40/style (Regular/bold etc) and then host them yourself.
Alternatively, these ‘Comic’ fonts are available from GoogleFonts: https://fonts.google.com/?query=comic
I suggest FontPro from JoeWorkman (https://joeworkman.net/rapidweaver/stacks/font-pro/) to manage fonts.


Answer from a newby but not a young impressionable kids :hugs:… it could not be an error caused from the cache of the browser? Try to visit the site in private mode? Sorry if I say nonsense answer.:sweat_smile:

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all good points except why does it work in paragraphs?

Ive recreated the headings using Paragraph Pro (
made them bigger and bolder) So, its worked out ok for this job

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I agree!
You can think it. You can go down to the Garage and belt it out. You can try to mind melt the message to them, but there is no place for it if you wish to be called a professional.

Hi @tav Thank you for that. I’ll send it over to you over the weekend. It is very much appreciated and very good of you to take a look at it :grinning: Thank you

Sorry SteveB
I could stick with Star Wars. I did not realize that you were so young, Padawan