SOLVED :-) I need a little help with CSS, please

I solved it myself, i hadnt put “!important” in the correct place, DOH

Hi, thanks for looking, i am sure this is easy for one of the more experienced of you :slight_smile:

I am trying to make the background of a Stack transparent, using FireFox and Firebug i have located the relevant piece of CSS that i need to edit.
But i am struggling to get it right when putting it onto a RW page in the relevant CSS section.
I cannot fully understand the difference between ID, Class and Div

div id=“stacks_in_96901_page16” class=“stacks_in stack_stack”

#stacks__in__96901__page16 {background-color: rgba(242, 242, 242, .5);}


A div is just a block which can contain anything. The difference between an id and a class is that an id is unique but a class is not. You can have multiple divs with the same class on a page but only one div with a particular id.


Thanks @peterdanckwerts that explains it perfectly.

Although there is another bit of the puzzle that i dont remember fully about :- a Class and an ID …

one starts with a full stop, the other starts with a Hash sign, which is which ???

It must be Age, i dont seem to take on board as much as i used to, seriuosly though, i did have a Brain Scan a few months ago and i was passed off as OK for my age of 69 :slight_smile:


hash is id, class is stop

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thanks @peterdanckwerts :slight_smile: