Solved :- iFrame alternative needed, or am i using it wrong?

Hi all, i already have a few iFrame pages in my Site, which when clicked on, in the Sites menu, opens a new page and takes visitors to a particular html page at another Web Site, i think that is what an iFrame page is supposed to do ?

BUT i would prefer it if i could have this other web site appear inside a Page at MY web site, so it can be selected from the menu just like all the other pages of my site.

Is this possible please ?, if so how can i do it and with what.

I dont doubt i already have the tools to do it, but lack the brainpower to actually put it into practice.


Yes, you can use Joe Workman’s Offsite Stack to do this.

Thanks @zeebe “SOLD” absolutely perfect, youre a star, you deserve some commision on that sale :sunglasses:


Don’t get any, just a straight pay, but you are welcome! :smile:

I have now found that RW ships with an Off Site stack, i have also found that JW’s Off Site stack is far superior to the RW version :relaxed:


Actually, it is an offsite page type, and is a little different.

@zeebe ok buddy, i stand corrected :smile: