Page within a page 'frame'

I have a photographic website created by jAlbum that I want to incorporate into my Rapidweaver website. This is easy enough but what I would really like would be a RapidWeaver page with my Theme and menu and have the remote jAlbum page embedded within the page in some sort of encapsulated frame. Is this possible?

How do you incorporate the jAlbum into RW? Do you use a URL or something else?

Currently I just use a Rapidweaver offsitel webpage and specify the URL but I then loose the Theme appearance and menu structure of my site.

Do you have a sample URL?

There is an iFrame page type. Not really great.

If you have stacks Joe Workman has anoffsite stack.

Thanks, I will check it out.

Thanks for tip, The iFrame didn’t work which was why I was looking but Joe’s stack works just fine.

However, I just found an issue, any ideas? If on the page that is inside the offsite stack I have a link to another page back on the main website it opens that page inside the offsite stack and not as a full webpage?

There’s no way around that I don’t think. That’s one reason iFrames are a pain to use, you’re running another website within the main site.

Hmmm ok thanks for the update, maybe I will need to think of a new way around this?

If I have control over the embedded site…I don’t show main links on that page…to keep the options of where to go not on that page…

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