"SOLVED it ALL on my own" A couple more Partials questions?

I was originally going to ask, how can i put a Partials on a non-stacks page ? do i use PlusKit ?

Which leads me to another question, at my site (i only made it for fun to try and keep my grey matter working)
www.timmytoad.org.uk/forward/ on the Intro page i have used the bgStretcher 2 Stack for a Background Picture, i made this Stack my very first PARTIAL :sunglasses:

I have not YET put this Partial onto ANYMORE pages !

However what confuses me completely, that same Background picture NOW appears on EVERY page, there are several NON STACK pages, and i dont yet know how to get a Partial onto a NON Stacks page anyway !!!

Can someone please explain what is going on here ???