[Solved] Redirect Rules in Cloudflare


I’ve switched blogging platforms in RW and I’d like to set-up a dynamic redirect rule in Cloudflare to handle all of the forwarding from links in Google SERPs and social media. I can’t seem to figure out which combination to use. Hoping you can help!

Old URL structure: https://www.catholichusband.org/?post=blog-post-title-example
New URL structure: https://www.catholichusband.org/index_files/blog-post-title-example.php

Here’s my best guess (it’s an active rule, but doesn’t work).

I’m open to using htaccess if I can take care of it with one command.

Not sure but it appears to be working for me, that’s if I understand what you stated above.
I go to your site and select blog:
And if I select a blog post it goes to a file within the index_files directory.
I select a post titled “Big Finishes Don’t Require Big Starts” and get this URL

Hey Doug!

I have a bunch of SERP’s in Google that I’m trying to correct. Everything on the site is working just fine, it’s those links on Google and potentially other social sites that I’m trying to correct.

I see that my original post was unclear, so it’s been edited to clarify the issue I’m trying to resolve.

Oh geez. I added .php on the end of my rewrite rule forwarding URL variable, and all is well.

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