SOLVED Thanks everyone! RE: Paid for single license two days ago

I purchased a license two days ago but have yet to receive my license code or any confirmation aside from the credit card charge. I have been charged the full amount never received a license and no response after sending too emails asking for assistance. I have emailed support twice, one directly to Dan, and have received no response. I’m a bit disappointed as I have invested in ~$300 for Stacks and other add-one that I cannot use with the trial version. I’m very disappointed in the [lack of] customer support. If I don’t receive a license code I’ll have no recourse other than to contest the charges with my bank. I hope that doesn’t happen. I would appreciate a timely response regarding this matter. I realize we’re all busy, however you have been paid for services that have not been delivered. As I have received no response for assistance, hopefully someone can remedy this matter.

I greatly appreciate any help. Thank you.

Have you checked your junk mail? The license will likely come from a ‘Paddle’ email, so it’s possible you saw that sender and ignored it (or your spam filter did).

Brian just emailed the license code. Apparently they’re busy working on more changes behind the scenes and forgot. All is working perfectly and I can’t wait to get started and for what’s ahead.

Thanks for helped! :slight_smile:

PS is there a way to mark a thread as “Resolved”?

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You can edit the title of your post by inserting something like ‘SOLVED’ in front of it… Or, you can place a note at the bottom of your original message, to the same effect.

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Thanks so much! Will do.

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