Transferring Stacks and/or Partials Between Files

I THOUGHT I had done this!

  1. Save a partial from one file.
  2. Opened a different file and found the partial from the first file!
  3. Dragged it in place.

OR…Did I copy and paste stacks from one file to another and THEN made a partial?

I’m confused…!

Drag the partial from your edit area not from the stacks lib.

Finally figured that out, Scott, thanks!

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Partials are just stacks. You can copy and paste them between files like any other stacks. Drag and drop works too. :smiley:

Partials are saved inside the project file, so if you send a RW file to a colleague, they’ll be able to open it and see all the partials.


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Thanks, Isaiah… I’m now understanding partials better! Bye R@y

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