Stacks 3 Partials: Per Project or System-wide?

(John S.) #1


I’m looking at the “Partials” feature of the new Stacks 3 release… and it looks really cool. But I have one question that I haven’t found an answer to: when you create a Partial, is it stored in the project file (so it’s only usable in that project)? Or is it stored more “system-wide” so that it’s available ACROSS project files?


  • John

SOLVED :- Using a Partial, why cant i use it more than one project?
(Mathew Mitchell) #2

Partials are stored in the project file. So they don’t auto-appear in future projects. However, if there are partials you want to use in another project, a simply copy/paste does the job.

(Isaiah Carew) #3

Partials are part of your project.

Why: You’re probably going to make a lot of changes to your partials. To make sure all those changes are synced via DropBox to other machines, backed up by Time Machine, and shared when you share that file with colleagues for collaboration – those changes need to live in the document. If they lived anywhere else, you’d need to send/backup/sync both.

As a rule of thumb, on Mac OS X: editable things are documents and live in your users folder. Un-editable things that you install (like stacks) are part of your environment and live in your library.

(John S.) #4

Thanks, @Mathew! That’s good… because I was thinking that the Partials were “universal”… which would certainly pose problems if you edited it in one project… and then it got published as a change on another project. Glad to hear it’s locally-stored with the project file!

(John S.) #5

Thanks, @isaiah! Makes perfect sense… and I’m GLAD it works this way. Copy & Paste is a simple enough mechanism for duplicating a Partial between projects… so keeping them local with the project file is awesome!

Thanks for the quick reply!

(David Freels) #6


If I build a partial that I want to use in another project–not just in another page in the same project–how do I use that partial in another project?

(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #7

Open the project that has the partial, highlight by clicking on the partial you want, and do a command-c to copy it. Open up your new project, click in a stacks page and do a command-v to paste it. Boom, done.

(David Freels) #8

If I make a partial of an accordion build–specifically an Ivy2 build from Elixirgraphics–such a cut and paste won’t retain the custom settings for that build/partial. Why not?