SOLVED – Vertical auto-center

(Rob D) #1

Does anyone have an idea how to achieve auto vertical centering in this scenario (paragraph inside left column of a 2-column stack)? I’d like for the paragraph to auto-center when the stack in the right column is collapsed/expanded. Is that even doable?


(Andrew Tavernor) #2

Yes, BluePrint Sidebar will do this, the vertical centre is just CSS so it won’t matter that the other content is expanding and contracting via JS.
All you need to do is to set either the aside or the main content (whichever you want to be v-center) to be a Flex Column.
Here is a little example just using ParagraphPro’s read more expand/contract to demonstrate the principle.

(Rob D) #3

Andrew, thanks for this suggestion. I’ve already used Blueprint Sidebar, just overlooked this feature. It works just the way I wanted. Perfect!

(system) #4

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