Solving a mobile iframe issue

I have a responsive theme and am building pages with Stacks and have a responsive iframe stack.

I have an external booking site that has a mobile version (that is not responsive). Hence the Iframe only shows part of the mobile site.

My thinking to solve this could be one of 2 ways:
1 - create a page which is void of all theme, so the stack would be full page in mobile view. the problem is the menu then disappears too. I cannot seem to find an easy way to turn all banners, header etc off on a page and just leave the menu and a full page stack.
2 - having an external link open up, obviously this takes people off site

Interested to hear any thoughts, please

I had a problem with iFrames on a responsive site while waiting for a stack refresh to become responsive. I ended up creating a mobile friendly page and then using Mobilize that will automatically send mobile users to the mobile page.

Here’s a link:


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